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Top 5 Items Under 30$ I Can't Live Without

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

or "Where I spend most of my money when I should be saving it"


1. This Travelers Notebook and accessories. It goes everywhere with me and is the perfect place to do my "Brain Dump" and work on my #BUJO. AND the pockets allow me to throw EVERY piece of paper I get during the day in it, and then deal when I get home. Sure, there are cheaper ones at the local craft store, but the leather on this one makes you feel like you are plotting a course around the a la Indiana Jones. There is something about undoing the elastic that makes you want to open it and write in it as often as you can.

2. These Inserts for my #TravelersNotebook and #BUJO addiction There are a lot of inserts out there that are already formatted, but I love that I can make these MINE. You can be a Picasso or you can keep it super simple, either way, it's YOURS. I have different ones for monthly layouts, weekly layouts, challenges, mood trackers, fitness trackers, habit trackers, birthdays, you name it.

3. Don't judge me about these Stickers Yes, I am over 50 and I LOVE these stickers!

Whether it's in a regular journal, #BUJO or even just a notebook that you keep around for ideas, they make you WANT to stay a little more organized, motivated and, well, fancy.

4. Crystal Light Green Tea Packets. Once you try your first ten, you'll want to start buying in bulk. These count as WATER for your daily ounces! They are so good, and you can take them with you anywhere and mix them up in your water bottle for something a little "more" when you want it.

So I don't know about you, but I can only drink certain things out of certain vessels. Lime Perrier is to be consumed from the big giant bottle, straight from the fridge. Pink Grapefruit Perrier however, MUST come in this slim can and if I'm feeling particularly cheeky, I drink it with a straw. I have tried to reverse this strategy and it just doesn't work. It's like drinking wine from a Red Solo Cup. Just no, leave those for shitty beer or Hillbilly Sangria.


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