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About thisSite

This site is for all the other non-perfect people out there.  The non-Instamodels, the people who don't have a million followers on TikFaceGram, but still have a story to tell.  I'm here to share stories of my very real life and I  invite you to share yours.  Use the Get In Touch  form on the home  page if you would like to talk about sharing something here.  I truly believe that everybody has a story, and I'd like to to share them.  And for the  legal stuff that I am obligated to share, there are affiliate links throughout the site, and I do gt paid a small commission if you purchase something by using one of them.   They help defray site hosting costs and they really are things that  I use and love.  So click away!!

About Me

Typical human.  Female.   

My loves: 

-My son.  Aspiring chef, unapologetic recovering drug addict,  new husband, handsomest young man in the world. 

-My human family and my FRANK.  To be precise, Francis Xavier Walsh, my 230 pound South African Mastiff.  

-Rights Civil rights, human rights, animal rights.  All the rights.

-Other stuff-Education.  Art.   Mountains. Airports. Parsnips.  Lime Perrier in the giant bottle. Snickers bars. Diet Coke.The perfect 3 in. heel.  Baseball hats.  Old Forge Style pizza.  Roadtrips.  Spreadsheets.  Music, all of it.

My not so loves:

-That word that starts with an M and means not wet, but not dry.   

-Extreme ANYTHING. 

-"OK, Boomer".  Being without music

The photo?  That's me, Keir, in my element.  Not perfect, not trying to be, just a girl from the hill with some stories to tell.

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